George Soros Breaks Silence on Right-Wing Conspiracies

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News Story Source:, Marlow Stern
eorge Soros has, over the past two decades, emerged as perhaps the biggest boogeyman in not only right-wing conspiracy circles but also among the right-wing media and Republican politicians, who have increasingly mirrored their most fantasy-minded adherents. They frequently cast the 90-year-old billionaire investor and liberal philanthropist as a "puppet-master" (Glenn Beck's actual words) sowing chaos behind the scenes—a well-worn anti-Semitic caricature—and credit him (without a shred of evidence, mind you) with bankrolling everything from antifa, the decentralized anti-fascist activist group, to Black Lives Matter protests.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) harbors a strange obsession with Soros, even falsely claiming in 2016 that he was backing John Kasich for president. In August of this year, soon-to-be-former President Trump called in to Fox & Friends and alleged that Soros was funding antifa. And just last week, former Republ
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