When Genetically Enchanced Monkeys Play With Forbidden Knowledge: The Cell Towers Of Babel

What annoys me so is that so many normal citizens seem to know about this system. You think to yourself is it really like living in East Germany? The USSR? Or is this the norm for all human societies?

I think all societies have targeted dissidents and murdered opponents of power.

However what makes now so unbearable- so outrageous and totally unacceptable is the use of technologies, chemicals and how spy or gs groups have the edge of communications and surveillance technologies. It has given the people in power an edge over humanity that is totally unfair. Its more so disgustingly unfair becuz MOST PEOPLE DONT UNDERSTAND SUCH A SYSTEM EXISTS.

Fooling the public and manipulating them is one thing but when a select population of a first world power wakes up on election day and is NOT being able to vote Democrat, so either votes Republican or not at all IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Everything that is underhanded has been fathomable up til then. When I experienced that, that was the end. It is just too much power for anyone to have over humans.

As well as the bizarre experiences in my Brighton apartment which amount to a really bad Hammer Film production, which no one, anywhere, should have to face in thier own home.

Plates breaking on thier own in front of you when you are eating? Anton Lavey coming to you in a waking state, with ideations of him being in his own dimension in Hell, on par with a sort of cramped space really, telling the Target that if they wish to him for what they desire they will get it in life, attempting to reduce that person to a mere robot (once again thier goal). Getting me to go out and purchase The Satanic Bible when years ago, I already decided that wasnt for me and associated it with White Trash cults in the USA? That one could tell it was plagiarized just by holding it in one’s hand?

To see the symbolism on a single page of that book in the back I believe, come to life as if animated during that time period of the war, Bush and 9-11. To begin to ‘see’ Satanic types of humans among what one always perceived as normal people in the population.

All done with perhaps the Will power of a black magicians but would never have been possible WITHOUT TECHNOLOGIES AND DOSES OF PSYCHOACTIVE DRUGS.

Its not that I mind so much the attempt of Satanists of some kind trying to get the best of me..or society in general. Its the fact that they made me buy a book that years ago I decided was not for me. That I had risen above in my occult studies. They stole out of my house a Lady of The Lake necklace pendant which meant a world to me as defining my first life outside my mother’s home, and adult independence. It was from the Silver Dragon in Providence RI. It defined the beauty I was always trying to get back to. My artistic leanings that I knew someday, after my dues were paid to my programming and this system in my twenties I could become the person I had always really been inside.

I can imagine the ritual value of that necklace pendant. Year after year, with the mold exposure in that apartment doing neurological and other damage, the harassment all hidden and validated under a cover story, years of harassment, stalking, being targeted, drugged, gassed, dosed, followed, brain washed, psyched out, insulted etc etc and worst of all being lured into going to the 33 by 111 long-lat: Phoenix or Tempe AZ in what seems to have been a ritual to get my energies to be….taken from me in this location- that was the worst during Bush and it definitely registered involvement of McCain. Then during Hayden being tortured so badly with SRA in St Louis, MO. And then on the road in the southwest there was SRA that would freak anyone out in Greyhound buses, other locations as well as experimentation connected to programming. I was told they are trying to find out and test how programming breaks down (by someone via email who I believe becuz it makes sense) which is why they needed to do brain damage with mold exposure as well as break me down physically and mentally. That doesnt account for the rituals.

Must SRA be always part of this? And at least the Masonic stuff I can relate to, like with being forced to go to 33 by 111. I understand them taking what spiritual energy was left in me from birth for themselves. Its power and its pure and they wanted it.At least it seemed Masonic in nature, which is in line with the larger part of my programming.
I can even understand the completing of the spiritual marriage to Satan as a baby, done in the SouthWest where so many military bases are, in the SRA I mentioned. It seems that this era both Bush then Hayden, was the time for this to occur.

But the Satanic bible with LaVey was just a bit too tacky, really and constantly trying to destroy me via torture. Then the alternate torment with what seems like Christian content years later- that also pisses me off seriously. Imagine torturing someone with Satanic Ritual and then brainwashing them to become Christian to cover that up.

No one is going to take away my Hermetic and Rosicrucian leanings from my very nature. NO ONE. Trying to use behaviour modification to convert me to either Christianity or LaVeyan Satanism-that is enough for me to want to become an Antichrist myself and destroy EVERYONE involved. Who uses LaVey satanism? Who the hell uses images of him and his daughter to behaviour modify someone? (His daughter had black hair-when clearly Zeena’s been blonde for decades.) It was just ridiculous and it was obvious it was born of tech and it was extremely cheap.

I always figured Boston for so much more than this. So much more artfulness when it comes to evil. I grew up with the mafia and all of it being part of our culture. Even the forefathers having sketchy, shady pasts and being Masons- wanting to do good for the community and BUILD something permanent but always refusing to go to church…and challenging the preachers and ministers if they forced otherwise. An example of the separation of church and state in itself.

So WTF was this cheesy, fast food type occultism? To this day I will never know the buffoons behind what was done to me in that apartment, with those NEXTEL cell repeaters on the roof that were obviously the source of all of this content.

Whoever it was, I want them dead. Not to suffer, just dead. Off the planet. Becuz no one should exist who is that stupid. And creates artwork of an attempted evil nature that is that cheap and tacky.

How stupid can a community of people BE?? I even like to think sometimes that the much more brutal and severely f*cked up, violent Satanists from certain northern European countries involved in all this were actually rescuing me somehow from the American buffoons. Nazis could not possibly be behind what happened to me in my apartment. I dont think thier tastes run that….ignorant and cheap. But if technomancy was what they were working on in thier occultism and experimentation then perhaps.

Lets hope it was something out of the local cops, military or some other assh*les like….lol Hollywood or some Jewish bs (like LaVeyan Satanism). Someone had to have power over those towers and what was being pumped through them. Someday I want to know who…so I can back slap them in the face for wasting my time with content so sh*tty as artwork-if you even want to call it that.

My internal programming looks like the Mona Lisa compared to what they create through their pathetic Technomancer methods.

Perhaps thats what we are dealing with. REAL Illuminati (Masonic), REAL brutal Satanists and REAL Rosicrucians (Masonic)-the true IMMORTALS in the age old spiritual wars.

And then mankind has to insist on building his Towers of Babel as usual. Trying to play with the big boys.

When your first memory is being in an oxygen tent in a hospital room in Cambridge Hospital on Oct 31, 1971, and you are in the form of a rather large male entity under a brown hooded robe and then you ‘jump’ (thought transference) into a female infant’s body who was dying of a 106 degree fever and rising on her way to this hospital….THEN YOU CAN PLAY WITH THE BIG BOYS.

My Satanic programming, small and one dimensional as it is, is more orderly and has directive than that nonsense that I experienced in Brighton MA.

Its like someone gave these morons tech, ritual power and resources and a frame of time to work in but they simply didnt have an understanding of what they were doing. It seemed not according to age old ritual but like a poorly written script by a sixth grader.

Even Michael Aquino claims to have been born dead and they had to revive him. He probably doesnt recall the ritual, but I bet there was one.

Stay the f*ck out of the spiritual wars. And I hope you continue to be out-gamed, out-run, out-paced, out-thinked and out-powered…and out-MAGICKED.


Damn all Technomancers everywhere. I hope you are what is being genocided as we speak.


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