Gene defect fixed in 8 out of 20 cloned embryos, heralds future of gene fixes and enhancement

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News Story Source:, brian wang
The researchers created cloned embryos with a genetic mutation for a potentially fatal blood disorder, and then precisely corrected the DNA to show how the condition might be prevented at the earliest stages of development.

Huang's team is also the first to edit out the mutation responsible for a 'recessive' disease: one caused by having two faulty copies of a gene. Because it would be difficult for researchers to find dozens of embryos that all have this rare double mutation, the team worked around this roadblock by developing embryonic clones from their patient's skin cells.

* Researcher fix gene defect in 8 out of 20 cloned embryos but the fixed embryos did not have all cells corrected
* in future they will prevent inherited diseases by correcting the eggs and cells which would need IVF (In vitro fertilization aka test tube babies)
* If inherited diseases are fixed using IVF and CRISPR then future work could also enhance genes for increased intelligence and o
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