Gaza and Satanism

If the tone of online editorials are any indication of how people feel about the conflict in Gaza (and I think they are), a large proportion of the public is completely unable and/or unwilling to cope with the real sociopolitical issues behind it. Naturally, the anti-Semites and racial supremacists are exploiting the situation, indulging in the usual scapegoating. But when issues as complex as Israeli-Palestinian relations are beyond our ken, who else do the most clueless among us blame?


Blogger Homad Alomar notes the deaths of Palestinian children and asks, in all seriousness, “Could some one with deep knowledge of Jewish history tell me if there is such a black magic security formula that is based on killing children?”

Rahnuma-e-Deccan writes, “In the Gaza strip now humanity is pitted against satanism (shaitaniat)…”

Please, people: Learn history.

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