Gateway Foundation Simplifies What is Still an Ambitious Space Station

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Gateway Spaceport is a membership funded organization that wants to create next-generation space stations.

Nextbigfuture has written about their earlier designs for an orbiting spaceport.

They have made nice renderings and animations of their designs and construction methods.

The Gateway Foundation newest design is similar to an Icarus Interstellar proposal for a 10,000 person worldship. The proposed worldship had 40 modules that were 120 meters by 155 meters.

A few years ago, Nextbigfuture had indicated that a simplified and more near-term version of the Icarus proposal would be to use expandable Bigelow modules on a basic frame. The newest design from the Gateway Foundation follows the simplified approach of creating a metal frame and attaching Bigelow modules.

The Space Station has 24 Bigelow space station modules.

The space station could use BA 330 modules or BA 2100 modules. It would take 50 launches for two BA 330 modules at a time and launches for the frames an
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