Friendships–A Way To Care For You And Your Friend

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Feature Article by Frosty Wooldridge

It's been said that a "best friend" constitutes a miracle of the universe.  

During your lifetime, you attach to certain individuals who "mesh" with you mentally, spiritually and physically.  At first, you share the weather, sports, latest boyfriend or girlfriend and the latest event on the local or national scene.  As time passes, you become attached because you share deeper feelings, concerns, triumphs and fellowship.  

Your friendships may revolve around a beer, wine or dancing.  You might go for a walk, a bicycle ride or the movies.  You might backpack, ski or raft a river.  You share moments of danger, serenity or wonder at a sunset.  During those times, you develop feelings through laughter, stories and shared opinions on an array of topics.

Friendships develop for a short time, a long time or a lifetime.  Each friendship provides yo
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