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News Story Source:, Gateway Pundit
Italy's new program aims to modify people's climate change behavior by rewarding "good behavior" with cryptocurrency and discounts to local retailers. Critics are concerned that the voluntary program will become mandatory in the future, like vaccine passports.
Social credit scores are already in use in various places around the world, but nowhere more than in the communist hell hole that is China. The dystopian measurement acts in a similar fashion to a traditional credit score, however, as the name indicates, one's score has little to do with their financial prospects or ability to pay off debt on time – social scores are all about your level of compliance to the regime and acceptance of the approved narrative.

For example, if social credit scores were in full effect in the United States and you were to donate money to a company like the National Rifle Association (NRA) or buy stocks in oil – pretty much anything deemed far-right or environmentall
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