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Holter contends, "Mathematically, our financial system is bankrupt.  Can they string it along another year or two?  I don't know, but I do know if we go full blown socialism, it's like pulling the pin on the hand grenade.  It goes off right away.  Everything blows up faster and harder.  A lot of people are not factoring in is when this thing goes down . . . I hope it goes down under the rule of law.  Under socialism, the rule of law is basically what they say it is. . . . The U.S. will immediately move to a financially broken status."

Sinclair agrees with Holter and says, "If the socialists take over, the system blows up instantaneously.  The Green Revolution will have such an impact on business and put so many people out of jobs without any way to replace those jobs.  It would actually be a political event and an economic sin."

Sinclair goes on to say there will be "massive deflation" in this financial
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