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News Story Source:, By Ben Coxworth
Known as the IMPACT hand, the device is being developed via a collaboration between UK firm Iterate Design and Innovation Ltd, Britain's University of Warwick, its associated WMG research group, and other private companies. It was inspired by a similar hand that was invented by Ben Ryan, founder of UK startup Ambionics.

Plans call for clients to utilize a dedicated website, where they will enter the measurements of their arm stump, along with preferences such as color. Once the printing of their IMPACT hand subsequently begins, the finished product should be ready for shipping 10 hours later.

Made up of a silver-based conductive ink, the electronic circuitry is built into the polymer-bodied hand as it's being printed. When embedded sensors detect specific types of muscle activity in the user's arm, the hand's battery-powered motors are activated, causing the articulated thumb to move in or out – this functionality allows the hand to grasp and release objects
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