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Full regeneration and immortalized cells exists in humans two weeks after conception.

There is work to re-activate those capabilities with adult cells.

The video and screenshots below are from the the CEO of AgeX Dr Michael West and another with Michael West talking with Dr. Aubrey de Grey, V.P. New Technology Discovery.

AgeX Therapeutics is a biotechnology company formed in 2017 as a subsidiary of BioTime, Inc (NYSE MKT: BTX). Its mission is to apply technology related to cell immortality and pluripotency to human aging and age-related disease. The Company's technology platform has three facets: Pluripotent stem cell-derived progenitor cell lines representing over 200 types of cells in the body (PureStem technology); HyStem matrices; and induced tissue regeneration (iTR) – the latter being an emerging technology directed at inducing the immortal regeneration of tissues in the body.

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