Free Money Doesn't Fix Broken Processes

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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
Massive monetary bailouts have been ordered and more are promised to follow. A first, and completely valid, first response goes something like this:

So, you're printing up six trillion dollars, giving 7/8ths to banks and corporations and 1/8th back to us… which we'll be taxed on… plus, all that money creates a monster deficit that our children be expected to pay back anyway?

The honest answer, if it were ever given, would be "yes." And for this we're expected to thank them!

So, angry responses are understandable. That said, I want to go deeper, down to the things that cannot be fixed with ever-more money.

Business is a massive coordination of people, materials, information, tools and machines. Money is just something we use to exchange these things efficiently; it doesn't directly fix any of them when they break.

If a business process is broken, money allows you to thrown more tools and people at it. But if the break in the pro
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