Fraud of all frauds…


I saw this video and thought…well this is yet another step toward the New World Order’s vision for a cashless society and the Mark of the Beast System. But, the Holy Spirit told me….that’s not all!

You’d have to be under a rock to not hear about the TARGET security issue which left millions upon millions of it’s customers at risk for identity theft, or perhaps Neiman Marcus’ ordeal as well.


So, was this for REAL? I got the distinct impression from the Holy Spirit that this is not what it seems! It’s a fraud of a fraud. It’s a ruse. Have you noticed there are now Congressional hearings? Why? If the technology is such that the Defense can’t figure this out then,…what is really going on?

I believe this is because it’s not what it seems. It’s all a ruse to quickening the agenda to produce the necessities for this One World financial system. Make sense? TOTALLY!





This was the first response on GOOGLE. It said:
ENV Chip Technology –
Also known as “Chip and Pin”


Then this link was next:

That’s EMV


Are You Prepared, asks


Date: October 2015
Installed around the world, yet America is one of the LAST places we still use swipe systems! Amazing how we are kept in the dark….oh this happens more than you think.

Recently, I was told this…
A little of subject but this gives you an idea of how America works…so, a gentleman has recently been ‘let go’ from Time Warner Cable Company after 25+ years…and he was giving us some fine details about how the company works…or works against you, I might add.

Internet = No such thing as added speeds. One speed fits all. They just charge you more but the feeds ‘underground’ give everyone the same speeds.

Out of Country = The internet and WEB systems in the USA are the slowest in the world! If you go to another country, you will quickly find that their speeds are triple the speed of ours, if not more.

Discounts = If you call to complain about a outage in your area or the service man who came out…the person involved gets money DEDUCTED from their check for the “CREDIT” that you receive.


Crooked…yep! Are we kept in the dark…NO Doubt!

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