France Teaches the U.S. about Free Markets

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Opinion Column by Menckens Ghost
The following commentary might make your brain short-circuit.  It claims that France has more market competition than the U.S., due to less consolidation of industry, which in turn is due in part to the EU being more aggressive about stopping market concentration.  It speaks of two industries, telecom and airlines, where consumer prices are considerably lower than in the US.

It doesn't mention that airlines in France have competition from state-subsidized rail systems, which may be a factor in keeping airline prices lower.  Of course, France also has a significantly lower GDP per capita, an exodus of talented youth, and a looming cultural clash resulting from immigrants with non-Western values.

On the other hand, it has a national healthcare system that, unlike Medicare for All proposed by Democrats, retains a lot of market competition and requires citizens to pay half of their medical costs—which, if healthcare is going to be socialized, is a better
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