France Shows What You Actually Get with Democratic Socialism

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News Story Source: FEE
Strikes and blockades have spread across France as President Emmanuel Macron spends his time touring Europe with a new EU agenda. The French state-run railway service, SNCF, is currently dealing with massive strikes on both the regional and the high-speed inter-city lines. The unions CGT and SUD-Rail are striking in opposition to any change in the status of SNCF (the public rail service) personnel. It should be noted that government reform is very moderate since current employees of the SNCF hired to that professional status will keep all the benefits and privileges associated with it. The changes are merely affecting new employees.

Massive Public Infrastructure Strikes

The labor union activists are equally upset by the liberalization of the rail market which is being initiated by the European Union. Through the "Mobility Pack" coming from Brussels, Paris will be obligated to open regional train travel to competition from next year on. With a highly inefficient public s
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