Four Factors For A Happy Life

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Feature Article by Frosty Wooldridge

"How you doin' Jack (or Jill)?"  I asked a recreation-center friend last week.

(In life, you can choose dark clouds or you can choose flowers.  Choose flowers in your thoughts and daily living with a positive mental attitude.)

"Same ole, same ole," he said.

"Come on man," I said.  "We've got ski season in full swing.  That's got to put a spring in your step."

"Probably so," he said.  "But I need something new to fire me up."

He begged the question: why do some people find great joy in living while others find endless labor in their lives?

I think many beleaguered people pick up "leftover thinking" much like they eat "leftover" vittles from Thanksgiving.  While it may taste all right, it doesn't provide the vibrancy of the initial meal.

President Thomas Jefferson once said, "W
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