Former Facebook fact checker reveals that social media is being used as a weapon —

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News Story Source: by Lance D Johnson
A former Facebook Fact Checker came out and revealed how "fact checking" really works. The details were published on LinkedIn by Jean-Pierre "Raven" Gregoire. Facebook is rapidly censoring anyone who doesn't go along with controlling guidelines. Facebook will only allow information on covid-19 if it supports the narrative of shut-down-mask-up-separate-isolate-and-vaccinate. Facebook's belligerent censorship of health freedom advocates, conservatives and patriots is only the beginning. Facebook is being weaponized to manipulate users into intellectual submission — forcing acceptance of left-wing policies, medical Marxism and global communism via "The Great Reset."

"I can't say this on Facebook, but I feel it's important to say. I was a Facebook Fact Checker. And your conspiracy theories about Facebook, are more true than you realize," wrote Gregoire, who worked as a third-party contractor for Appen, a F
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