Floating Foot Flotsam

Another foot has washed ashore on the west coast of the U.S., this time in San Francisco.

Previously (we’ve been following this phenomon for awhile!).

This one is “a green-and-black-mesh Puma running shoe, size 11 1/2”. The article we saw didn’t identify it as male/female, though we’re guessing that odds are on male based on the size? This article also didn’t identify it as left/right, although a Reddit on the topic linked to a mildly disturbing photo of … something … in a left shoe.

Arm chair forensics (i.e., comments on the intertubes) suggests that the cause of this–and all the other washed up feet–is suicide: Someone jumps off a bridge, the body decays more rapidly than the shoe-enclosed foot, and then the shoe floats off to shore to present itself as a mystery.

That’s possible, but the stories of the BC feet seemed to include weird fixations on “severed”, which may or may not fit with this theory. There’s also the strangeness of many feet lacking a match.

Tsunami/oceanic drift theories are popular, too.

At any rate, we’re puzzled and curious and open minded.

We’re also swimming barefoot … just in case.

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