Flashback: In 2009 the CDC Lied about 22-Million People Getting the Swine Flu

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News Story Source: https://needtoknow.news by Jon Rappoport
, in fact, Swine Flu or any sort of flu at all! In other words, the numbers were fictitious. But that didn't stop the CDC from claiming that 14 to 34-million people got infected with the H1N1. -GEG

The CDC would never launch a fake epidemic; certainly not…

And meet our old friend, Dr. Anthony Fauci, in another context…

History matters.

So I take you back to the summer of 2009, when the CDC and the World Health Organization were hyping the "deadly H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic."

They were, of course, also urging people to take the new Swine Flu vaccine. On that subject, here is an excerpt from Robert Kennedy Jr.'s Children's Health Defense (3/27/20):

"For example, [Dr. Anthony] Fauci once shilled for the fast-tracked H1N1 influenza ('swine flu') vaccine on YouTube, reassuring viewers in 2009 that serious adverse events were 'very, very, very rare.' Shortly thereafter, the vaccine went on to wreak havoc in multiple coun
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