Five Swing States to Decide US Presidential Election

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Five Swing States to Decide US Presidential Election 

by Stephen Lendman( – Home – Stephen Lendman) 

After months of campaigning and a record $14 billion spent by the Trump and Biden teams, it all comes down to results in 5 battleground states.

Here's where things stand at the moment with vote counting still ongoing:

Pennsylvania: Trump leads by 9.1% — with 36% of votes to be counted, most favoring the challenger.

Keystone State results may be decisive. Pre-election, I told a friend that if Trump wins PA, Ohio and Florida, he should triumph over Biden.

Wisconsin: Biden up by 0.6% — with 5% of votes to be counted. 

Michigan: Biden ahead by 0.7% — also with 4% of votes to be counted.

North Carolina: Trump leads by 1.4% — with 6% of remaining votes to be counted.

Georgia: Trump up by 2.2% with 6% of votes to be counted.

If Trump wins Pennsylvania, North Caroli
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