FIRE IN THE SKY: Latest Incidents Of Fireballs Over The Earth – Fireball Seen Over Jutland, Denmark And Big Fireball Seen Over Germany, France And Switzerland!

April 02, 2014 – SPACE – The following constitutes the latest incidents of meteor fireballs seen in the skies over the Earth:

Fireball Seen Over Jutland, Denmark
The fireball captured by a camera from the Orion Planeteriet at Jels in Jutland.Anton N. Sørensen/Orion Planetarium

A powerful fireball was observed over Denmark at around 1 am on Sunday morning (30th of March 2014). The fireball has perhaps let to the fall of meteorites in the Western parts of Jutland.

The fireball was observed by several witnesses. The fireball was captured on cameras, that watch the nights sky in order to register possible meteorite falls.

A couple of people have also heard a sonic boom in connection with the fireball. Sonic booms are rather special and unusual which makes this fireball somewhat special.

WATCH: Below is a video of the fireball:

The thought that there might be recoverable meteorites is based on these sonic booms. Earlier cases of recovered meteorites have almost always been connected with the sonic booms.

The sonic booms are interesting as they can be used to narrow down where a possible meteor might have fallen.

We would therefore like to hear from people, who might have heard the sonic booms over the western parts of Jutland in the night between Saturday and Sunday, says Henning Haack, lecturer at the State Museum for Natural Sciences. – SNM. [Translated]

Big Fireball Seen Over Germany, France And Switzerland
Sightings of the fireball on the evening of the 31st of March 2014

25 Reports! Long Duration! Perhaps Meteorites???

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports (Unedited) –

31MAR2014 John Stuttgart, Germany 2235 5sec N-S Green Very bright None Never seen anything like it

31MAR2014 Saimonas Germany, Hüttenfeld 22:34 pm 3-4 secs I was directing the W side. The object was falling of right to left. Very bright , a little bit blue colour around the falling object. brighter than the moon. Yes. At the end of the falling the light blurred away , and i could see a black object for a second nope

31MAR2014 Richard & Ann Spence Bernstadt, Baden Württemberg, Germany 22:33 CEST 10 seconds West-East Greenish, two flaming trails, whooshing sound Bright as full moon None Faded completely

31MAR2014 Betsy Belfort, France 22:32/UTC+01:00/PM Around 10 seconds I was facing east, it was falling from left to right (north to south east?) Colors: white. No sound, windows closed. Bright as moon. None that I saw. N/A

31MAR2014 Pablo Narvaez Basel, Switzerland 22:30:00 10 sec Left to right White light with green tail Bigger than Venus 

My wife came home at about 23:10 CEDST from playing cards with her “girls” and this is what she told me … and she was very excited: “I was on my way to our car when something suddenly lit up the Eastern sky. It was dazzling bright, had a greenish color, apparent diameter ca. 2 inches, color greenish, duration several seconds, length of luminous train (apparently 50-60 cm). She and her “girls” heard no sonic boom.” Location: Mannheim – Rheinau (Rheinau is a place about 10 km east of Mannheim). Best wishes, Bernd Thanks Bernd!

All 25 meteor sighting reports can be seen here:

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