Finding Light in the Face of Extreme Darkness

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News Story Source:, By Gary D. Barnett
Change brings many things, including progress that can be lifesaving for so many, but progress in the wrong hands of power can also bring misery and death. The twentieth century brought wonder in many ways, and so many advances, but it was a time of mass murder and world wars. It was a time of socialism and communism, and of a huge number of evil murderous rulers including those like Mao Zedong, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and all the American presidents, their enforcers, and their willing allies that murdered or caused the deaths of tens of millions of innocent people in the false name of  "exceptionalism" and "democracy."

We have now reached the twenty first century, and this century has continued with more war, more brutality, more threats, more starvation and poverty, and now more tyranny. There was always in the past a bright light in the distance, but that light today has become dimmer and seems more distant. The beginning of this century headed deep into
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