Yup! It’s a big step. It’s a huge step. It’s a gigantic step. It’s enormous…don’t doubt that for one SPLIT second.

You’ve read the last two articles, hopefully…and you’re wondering what comes next. Well, it’s a doooooosie! The question is are you ready?

Taking the time to read “Call to Arms” is super…no change that word to SUPRA-important. Supra means a “cut-above” or as some refer it it…super-supernatural. Transcending the natural: supernatural.

It teaches on so many subjects. So much that is a must-know, a must-have to the database of wisdom. NO, not knowledge…that’s from man! Wisdom comes from GOD and GOD only.


So, assuming that you have all this under your belt! It’s time. The next step is putting your BOOTS on the ground. Put on your boots because you’re in for the fight of your life! It’s dangerous. I’m not making light of it, whatsoever. I’m being totally honest.

DON’T be mistaken. Don’t think you can skip a couple steps and be ahead of the game. Because this is NOT a game. This is not like a video game where you can use some kind of code and pass some levels. Demons have been around for THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of years. They are smart and Satan knows The Bible better than man does. Why do you think he goes to such lengths to change doctrine?

There’s degrees. Start with what GOD has called you to do. Pray. Ask GOD.

  1. Blog-That’s how I began, like so many others. You can find free internet blog sites.
  2. Study-Learn what GOD sets before you. HE will give you a gift. You will know when you do it. It will feel charged and supernatural. Ask for discernment. Only with this kind of wisdom and power can you begin the next steps in your journey. I studied for 8 years just on the mysteries of GOD, as it relates to The Bible and prophecy. Then, I studied for another 3 on spiritual warfare before I became ready. Yes, I was scared. Just as you shall be. But, directives from GOD should not be ignored.
  3. Boots hit the cement-Take the initiative to listen to the people who contact you and give advice that The Holy Spirit guides you to give. He will direct your steps. Then, you go out in the field. In the world….a scary place, no doubt. Don’t listen to those who give you negative feedback. Yes, even your family and other loved ones. They may even call you names and tell you that you’re crazy! Mine did. Don’t listen. Tune into GOD! There are people who need your help, and others who are meant to pull you away from the work of GOD. The world is full of all types of people. Loonies! Can’t be put any other way. Satan will have his boots (soldiers) on the ground to keep you from accomplishing your work. Remember, this is a war.
  4. Lastly-Expose. This one is dangerous. I’m not going to make light of it. Not only will the elite and those involved in Satan’s agenda be pissed…yes, pissed for that you’re doing but Satan, himself will be. He will send fiery darts. He will send demons of all ranks of power. Don’t be dismayed. Don’t be lead astray. Center on GOD. The Holy Spirit will guide your steps and your words. If this starts as a blog, do so. Write about what GOD has led you to study. Teach spiritual warfare. Do exorcisms. Whatever GOD has led you to do and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Exposure comes in many forms. There will be days of doubt. Days of fear. Days of just plain exhaustion. Do it! GOD is not of fear. Satan is.

Okay! Russ Dizdar is THE BEST! I believe this to be the case. He’s had his boots on the ground for decades. He goes into the field. He’s smack dab in the middle of the front lines. He confronts the elite. He tracks down the witches. He wrote a series called “Black Awakening” and you need to understand that this is the real agenda.

Look him up! Study his roots, his path and his life. He’s a saint for GOD. No, not a saint like the Roman Catholic Church teaches…a real saint. He is GOD-driven. GOD-led. GOD-centered. Everything….Everything…Everything…he does always comes back to Jesus Christ and The Almighty Father. He doesn’t beat around the bush. He tells it straight. He has books, series, teaching series…do what GOD leads you to do. He has paths a soldier can take to expose darkness…how brave are you? No…the question is…how well do you know your Bible?

Russ is radical. Just like Jesus Christ was when He walked the earth, and just like He is now~!

Soldier! GO TO WAR!

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