Featured Idiot: David Icke

We’ve profiled some amazing freaks and goofballs in this column, but David Icke sets a new standard for nutty.  He may be one of the most ambitious of conspiracy nuts, going beyond normal levels of delusion and paranoia to offer us a unified theory of global conspiracies, with all the various paranoid fantasies favored by others united into one giant conspiracy.  Sure, he hates the Jews for being the secret masters of the world, but they’re just the front men.  Behind them are alien intelligences which ontrol everything and have guided human evolution.  But wait, there’s more.   Apparently there are also reptilian alien shapeshifters from another planet and/or another dimension living among us, breeding with us and  stealing our natural resources and feeding on our fear and emotions.

Ok, so Icke is a clinical paranoid delusional case.  What’s really scary is that he has apparently gained some legitimacy with the far right political fringe and there are people who are politically active who take some of what he spews seriously.  Many on the conservative fringe pick up on Icke’s anti-globalism and seem to get drawn into his whole rather intricately developed cosmology, including the ever-present clown prince of the fringe, Alex Jones. Apparently it’s just a few steps from the Queen of England running the drug trade to reptilian aliens using mind control to feed off of our life energy.  But it’s enough for now to point out that Icke is as nuts as they come, and if you run into one of his followers head in the opposite direction as quickly as possible.

If Icke ever starts making sense to you, just remind yourself that the TV show “V” was a work of fiction and not a good basis for a personal philosophy.

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