Farcical Upcoming Ukraine Presidential Election

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Farcical Upcoming Ukraine Presidential Election

by Stephen Lendman

Ukraine is a Nazi-infested fascist police state – the Obama regime bearing full responsibility for replacing its democratic government with US-controlled tyranny, established by brute force.

In February 2014, freedom in Ukraine died, replaced by coup d'etat rule, governing by state terror, including intermittent war on its own people in Donbass.

No matter who comes out on top as president in the March 31 "election," ordinary Ukrainians lose, along with any chance for regional peace – ruled out by Washington.

Over 40 candidates are running for president. Few among them have any chance to become puppet leader. 

The country's process combines travesty, tragedy, and farce, an illusion of what democratic elections are supposed to be, tolerated nowhere by the US, Ukraine part of its colonial empire, along with nearly all European, Latin, and Central American cou
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