Facebook’s Oversight Board Will Determine the Fate of Trump’s Account

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News Story Source: Make Use Of – Emma Roth
Although Facebook believes it was right in suspending Trump from its platforms, it will need the Oversight Board to make a final decision regarding the status of his account.

In a post on the Facebook Newsroom, Nick Clegg, Facebook's vice president of global affairs, noted that it's important for the Oversight Board to review Trump's suspension, and then "reach an independent judgment on whether it should be upheld." Until the Oversight Board decides whether to permanently ban Trump, his Facebook and Instagram accounts will stay locked.

Facebook will have to comply with the Oversight Board's decision, no matter what it is. Clegg states that the Oversight Board is an "independent body" and that its decisions "can't be overruled by CEO Mark Zuckerberg or anyone else at Facebook."

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