EXTREME WEATHER: Smoky Brush Fire Rages Wild In New Jersey – Flames Leap 40 FEET HIGH; 250 ACRES Burned; Fire Was Near The Raritan Center Industrial Complex! [VIDEO+PHOTOS]

April 10, 2014 – NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES A large brush fire with flames 40 feet high raged near Edison, N.J. Thursday, burning 250 acres and sending thick plumes of smoke into the sky.

A brush fire in Edison is burned the swamp grass of the north shores of the Raritan River Thursday.

The fire burned near the Raritan Center industrial complex, which houses hundreds of businesses, including day cares, hotels and a FedEx facility.

Wind gusts over 15 mph pushed the fire from Edison into Woodbridge, according to Edison Fire Chief Brian Latham.

After several hours, the fire was 95 percent contained, Latham said. A helicopter was being used to help douse the flames.

WATCH: Chopper 4 captured video of a large brush fire with flames leaping 25 feet high raging near Edison, N.J.

Officials said the state forest service would stay on site overnight to observe and make sure hot spots didn’t flare up.

There was no immediate word about a cause. – NBC New York.

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