EXTREME WEATHER: Early Spring Tornadoes Destroy Houses, Barns In Kansas And Missouri – Tornadoes Reached EF2 Strength; Entire Homes Completely Turned To Rubble; Tree Limbs And Power Lines Downed! [PHOTOS+VIDEOS]

March 30, 2014 – KANSAS AND MISSOURI, UNITED STATES – Homes and barns were destroyed, and tree limbs and power lines downed by early spring tornadoes that ripped through northern Missouri Thursday afternoon.

Tornado in Grundy County near Trenton

Tornado sirens in Trenton alerted residents there, but residents in rural areas without sirens reported being caught off guard completely by the unexpected twisters.

Chopper 5 video shows entire homes completely turned to rubble in Trenton and silos bent in like soda cans in Daviess County.

The National Weather Service will assess the damage in Grundy and Daviess counties to determine the strength of the twister, which could be an EF2 or EF3.

Touchdowns were reported in several areas including DeKalb County.

WATCH: Three EF2 tornadoes caused destruction in Daviess, Grundy counties.

Large, heavy hail in Cass County led to crashes and a highway plow was needed to clear away the hail littering the highway.

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office said there were a pair of crashes in which vehicles ended up on their sides because of the hail. No one was seriously injured when the hail piled up during a severe thunderstorm Thursday afternoon.

One of the crashes was at Highway 2 and Highway K near East Lynne in Cass County. The sheriff’s office reported as much as 2 inches of hail was scattered across the highway.

Trenton tornado

Storm clouds near Kansas City

Heavy hail littered Kansas City area highway

A Missouri Department of Transportation plow was called out to help clear the road.

No injuries were reported after a tornado fired in northwest Missouri Thursday afternoon. The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office hasn’t received any reports of damage after the National Weather Service reported a tornado in the county.

A tornado warning was issued for parts of DeKalb County in northwest Missouri as storms spawned severe weather Thursday afternoon.

The tornado warning was issued at 2:30 p.m. and was allowed to expire at 3 p.m. The National Weather Service initially reported a confirmed tornado at 2:35 p.m., which was located five miles east of Clarksdale and moving northeast.

 WATCH: Neighbors helping tornado victims.


Golf-ball sized hail was reported.

While DeKalb County came through relatively unscathed, that wasn’t the case in Grundy and Daviess families were left to survey the damage and be grateful that they escaped serious physical harm.

The Kansas City area saw strong wind and hail, but the severe thunderstorms did not strengthen into tornadoes in the metro.

A tornado watch that had been in effect until 8 p.m. Thursday expired well before that as the storms moved east.
The Storm Predication Center had placed almost our entire viewing area in a “slight risk” for severe weather beginning in the afternoon and lasting into the early evening. – KCTV.

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