Everything You Need to Know About Raising Baby Chicks on a Budget

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News Story Source: theorganicprepper.com by Daisey Luther
If you have some outdoor space and live in an area where it's allowed, fresh eggs and meat (if you're interested in that) can easily be yours!

I don't have 20 years of experience with baby chickens, but I've raised 4 batches of them.  Each new batch has been more successful than the one before.  Just like any other new skill, it works best if you simply find a reliable guide, plunge in, and learn "on the job."  Below, we'll talk about how to get started on the most adorable hobby around. Trust me – anyone can do this! This article is long, but it contains basically everything you need to know to get started raising baby chicks.

Before you start

We've all read about the war on self-reliance. It seems like feeding yourself is becoming increasingly illegal. People are forced to rip out thriving front-yard vegetable gardens, raw milk is illegal in many states, and some states require an "egg handler's license" be
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