Eve of Defeat the Draconian Mandates in Washington

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Eve of Defeat the Draconian Mandates Rally in Washington

by Stephen Lendman

On Sunday, thousands in the US capital will rally against mandated kill shots and all else flu/covid.

Tens of thousands registered in advance to show up for what promises to be a memorable event.

Everyone is encouraged to come at a time when resistance against what no one should tolerate is vital.

What's gone on for over two years has nothing to do with protecting public health.

Made-in-the-USA by dark forces, the mother of all diabolical schemes is all about destroying health and what remains of greatly eroded freedoms.

Noted advocates for protecting public health, free and open societies, real democracy over fantasy versions in the US/West, along with nations safe and fit to live in will address the rally.

Beginning at 11:30 AM, a united we stand and peace march will proceed from the Washington Monument to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

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