Evangelicals' Blind Idolatry Of Donald Trump Continues Unabated

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Opinion Column by Chuck Baldwin
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Evangelical leaders, Christian leaders, the Religious Right, TV evangelists: Call them what you will. So many of them have lost all claim to the high road. They have not only lost their integrity and honesty, many of them are nothing more than self-aggrandizing spiritual prostitutes. They have become little more than pandering, groveling, bootlicking toadies for political potentates—one political potentate in particular: President Donald Trump.  

I don't mind so much these pandering preachers saying they support the adulterous, philandering, lying, warmongering, bottom-feeder Donald Trump because his politics—not his personal life, mind you, just his politics—are somewhat better than Hillary Clinton's. That might be true. Somewhat. A little bit. Maybe a smidgen. But these lackeys have taken their support for Donald Trump much further than that. They literally idolize this reprobate. They cover
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