Europe Now Pays The Price Of The Anti-Assad Jihad: Where Will Foreign Fighters Go?

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News Story Source:, by Elijah Magnier
Otherwise, Trump will "release them" without specifying where and in which country. The US President is no longer ready to spend time waiting "for others (EU countries) to do their job".

This is what the US establishment's foreign policy and relationship with allies are all about. The US asked European, Canadian, Australian and Middle Eastern countries to send troops to Syria to "fight ISIS". But before that, some years ago, the US asked European countries to allow potential jihadists to travel to Syria and Iraq, and for Saudi Arabia and Jordan to open their prisons and pardon core jihadists in order to reach their favorite destination, the Levant, to destroy the Syrian state and create a "failed state" scenario. 

But their wishes did not come true and President Bashar al-Assad didn't fall in 3 to 6 months as predicted in 2011. Today the world is facing a new puzzle: what should be done with those the West helped reac
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