Elon Musk’s War with the SEC

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News Story Source: Martin Armstrong-Armstrong Economics
The SEC has moved to hold Elon Musk in contempt in their favorite court – the Southern District of New York. This has been a battle against the SEC whereby just making any comment as a CEO of a public company brings the SEC in against you unless you are one of the bankers. Even after the 5 major banks plead criminally guilty, anyone else would lose their license. Not one banker who really destroyed the world economy in 2007 with their leveraged mortgage-backed securities went to jail or even lost a job. They got bonuses! The SEC said nothing. The SEC makes an exception for the New York Bankers all the time because they want high paying jobs in return for looking the other way. They call this the revolving door and it is truly criminal corruption activity with the blessing of the swamp. But Musk, they want to bar him from ever being a director of a public company for a comment. In fact, the former Goldman Sachs board member who was in charge of Global Compliance is now the #2 guy a

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