Elon Musk’s Aggregate Compensation Reaches $11.8 Billion

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News Story Source: Zero Hedge
Elon Musk, whose company is valued at around $400 billion as a result of what continues to appear to be interesting options activity and continued quarterly profits due to EV credit sales, growing accounts receivable and other interesting accounting anomalies, has now become the world's fourth richest person.

It's a fitting development for a capital market system that has, thanks to the Federal Reserve and a lack of action by the SEC, turned into nothing more than a running joke. 

Musk's aggregate compensation from a pay plan put into place only about three years ago has been $11.8 billion. Musk's latest award comes as a result of Tesla reaching milestones for "adjusted EBITDA" (yes, there was a multi-billion dollar compensation plan award for an adjusted number) and market cap. 

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