Drudge Turns on Trump Over Fears His Threats Could Lead to 'Licensing of All Reporters'

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News Story Source: https://www.yahoo.com, Jason Le Miere
Drudge, who runs the influential right-wing news site The Drudge Report, tweeted that he feared Trump's attacks on the media could lead to a licensing of reporters.

"I fear the future result of Trump's crusade on 'fake news' will be licensing of all reporters," he wrote. "[Dems already floated this in the senate pre-Trump.] The mop up on this issue is going to be excruciating…"

Drudge's tweet came shortly after Trump's latest attack on the media. Trump referenced a study from the conservative Media Research Center that found that 91 percent of all "evaluative" statements made about Trump on the three main nightly newscasts—ABC, CBS and NBC—between June and August of last year were negative. He also appeared to clarify for the first time that when he refers to "fake news," he is referring to news that is negative about him or his administration.

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