Dr. Tim Ball Completely Vindicated In Global Warming Lawsuit Meant To Silence Him

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News Story Source: https://www.technocracy.news, DR. TIM BALL
Ball was sued by 'establishment' scientists who wanted to permanently silence him, but in this case, they failed. ? TN Editor

I am extremely grateful for the judgment of a complete dismissal in the lawsuit brought against me by Andrew Weaver. It is a victory for free speech and a blow against the use of the law to silence people. As with all events, there is so much more that rarely receives attention yet is essential to understanding and improving conditions in the future.

While I savor the victory, people need to know that it was the second of three lawsuits all from the same lawyer, Roger McConchie, in Vancouver on behalf of members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In each case, he also filed lawsuits against the agency that published what I wrote or said. This is why Anthony Watts wisely asked me and I was willing to put the phrase "Guest Opinion" at the top of any column I wrote. Of course, the double-barreled lawsuits crea
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