Double-Mask, Double Flip-Flop – Are You Kidding Us All Fauci?

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News Story Source: Zero Hedge
Update (1015ET): Prepare yourself for more obfuscation and confusion dressed up as 'science' by President Biden's chief medical adviser.

At 48 minutes into the WaPo discussion below, Fauci was asked about double-masking. His response, given his recent flip-flopping may surprise you.

Having said that double-masking "didn't make a difference", he appears to flip-flop back saying that the CDC is investigating "whether two masks may be better than one" and added that "it makes common sense" … and added that the reason they have not recommended it until now is that "they are a science-based organization."

he then added, unscientifically, "if one masks serves as a physical barrier, it makes common sense, and certainly can't hurt and might help to wear two masks."

What the f**k Fauci? (forward to 48mins for the discussion on masks):

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