Don’t Hold Your Gold in a Swiss Bank

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News Story Source:, By Egon von Greyerz
Here are some examples:

A client stores physical gold in a bank but when he wants us to organise a transfer to private vaults, the gold doesn't exist and the bank must acquire it.

400 oz gold bars that were bought by the bank for the client in 2005, were cast in 2011, so the gold never existed.

A client stores gold in a bank of the highest reputation. The client has a statement that he owns physical gold. When he asks to inspect the gold, he is told that he can't.

The client is told he owns physical gold and silver but actually only has paper metals.

Swiss banks are also doing all they can to stop clients taking their gold out. One major bank refuses to transfer gold out if the client isn't present. Another major bank recently told the client that they don't transfer client gold out of the bank to anyone, even if the client demands it.

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