Donald Trump is a Traitor Who Betrayed America

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News Story Source: Before It’s News

He had a clear path to overturn the rigged election, and he didn't take it. 

from Feb 6, 2021

by Henry Makow PhD

On the evening of Friday Dec 18, Sydney Powell, Michael Flynn and Patrick Byrne held an informal meeting with Donald Trump. 

During this meeting, Powell and Flynn told Trump that he could successfully challenge the result on the grounds of two Executive Orders triggered by evidence of foreign intervention in an American election. One had been issued by Obama, and one by Trump.

All it would take to prove chicanery was to audit six key counties. They outlined the process in detail. Trump was sufficiently impressed to appoint Sydney Powell his Special Counsel on the spot. 

The dramatic account is given by Byrne, who narrates the 30-minute video embedded above.

Trump pretended to be surprised by this information. "Why didn't you tell me about this?" he berated his lawyer Pat Cippollone. "All y
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