DoJ warns national secrets may have been stolen after mob ransacked offices filled with dossiers–

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News Story Source: by Ross Ibbetson
DoJ raised fears of stolen electronic items from a senators' offices at Capitol 

It comes after hundreds gained access to offices during Wednesday's riot

At least one Democrat Senator has already reported a laptop stolen and the DoJ is urgently trying to take stock of what secrets may have been lifted by looters

Comes amid grave concerns over the lax security at the seat of American democracy with claims that military and police personnel were among the mob

The Department of Justice has warned that national security secrets may have been stolen from the Capitol after hundreds of Donald Trump's mob ransacked its offices.

Rioters were pictured at the desks of high-ranking members of Congress, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with unfettered access to dossiers, computers and phones.  

It comes amid questions over the lax security and claims from a Metro DC cop that off-duty military and police personnel were among th
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