Discovering Gems of Understanding: Monumental Reward

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Feature Article by Frosty Wooldridge
As you grew up, you experienced different lessons along your life-path.  You discovered a hot stove hurt when you touched it.   A candle flame caused pain when you passed your finger over it.  A rosebush thorn made your finger bleed.  A bee sting caused you terrible agony.

From those experiences, you avoided the obvious in your daily meanderings.  Marching into your teens, you discovered friendship, jealousy and betrayal.  A bully beat you up. A girlfriend undermined you in your pursuit of a boyfriend. 

In nature, you learned to run for cover during a lightning storm.  When a dog gave chase, you picked up a stick to protect yourself.  

You learned life-lessons either by your parents advising you or you learned the hard way by direct experience.

As you grew into your twenties, relationships grew more complicated, you worked a job with acerbic bosses and cantankerous fell
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