Dirty Rotten Politics

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Dirty Rotten Politics

by Stephen Lendman

Trump was right tweeting: "Wow, @FoxNews just reporting big news. Source: 'Official behind unmasking is high up.' " 

" 'Known Intel official is responsible. Some unmasked…not associated with Russia. Trump team spied on before he was nominated.' " 

"If this is true, does not get much bigger. Would be sad for US."

Fox News said "(o)ur sources, who have direct knowledge of what took place, were upset because those two individuals, they say, had nothing to do with the outing of this information."

"We've learned that the surveillance that led to the unmasking of what started way before President Trump was even the GOP nominee."

"The person who did the unmasking, I'm told, is very well known, very high up, very senior in the intelligence world and is not in the FBI."

"This led to other survei
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