Did Warner Bros Studio Kill Actor Heath Ledger? The Illuminati Call Girls of Death.

Yes. I am breaking all kinds of “Man Rules” and Hollywood Male Codes of Silence on this mess but I need to rebuttal the OC Weekly’s Article on my Whitney Houston Post about black music artist being killed by the Hollywood Illuminati for not following these hidden and secret Lucifer Contracts. I see that I need to get deeper. 

OC Weekly continues to deny the murder of Whitney Houston http://blogs.ocweekly.com/navelgazing/2012/02/obama_whitney_houston_illumina.php

 O.K. let me take you deeper into how things work in Hollywood and lets start with the murder of Heath Ledger. 

You want the truth on Hollywood and the Illuminati?  Allow me to take you deeper into the darkness.
My sister was living in Tarrytown, NY, up in Westchester County, which is considered the Northern Manhattan Suburbs.  She was working as a nurse, that made house calls around Westchester County and I was staying with her for a period of time & it just so happens to be the time when Heath Ledger was murdered in Lower Manhattan back in 2008.
Some days, I would ride around with her, while she was on the job and sat around in her car listening to the radio while she did her job duties.  After her day was done, she would go into some office and drop off paper work and this is where I met a Jamaican Girl, who also had a sister that was a nurse and we kinda hit it off.
So, this Jamaican chick was working at a popular take out restaurant in Soho (lower Manhattan) called Kool Blue.
This was a 24 hour take out place and everyone in the area knows of this place because its “munchies” food, which one eats after getting high or smoking marijuana. So needless to say all of the entertainment people in Tribeca and SoHo ordered from there, at all sorts of hours, because it was 24/7 delivery.
Being that she worked til 2 a.m., I would arrive at about 11 pm, from Westchester County and wait for her to get off from work because she didn’t have a ride home and she lived up in the Bronx.
For about a month, actor Dean Winters (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dean_Winters) from the HBO Series, Oz, would come by and we would talk and joke around because he was meeting various girls at the location and was doing it really late because he had a girlfriend at home.
The place where this Jamaican girl, that I was dealing with, was working didn’t have a real rest room because it was a hole in the wall and everything in NYC is already cramped up due to lack of space, so the rest room for the employees, which were nothing but illegal aliens from Mexico that delivered and cooked the food amounted to a closet with a toilet and sink.
Every night at around mid night, Dean Winters and I would hang out in this restroom and would wait for his “pussy of the night” to show up and usually it was some attractive, well bred hot chick that looked like she just came out of some Playboy Center-Fold.
They were either Caucasian out right or some times I detected a hint of Caucasian mixed with Asian or Latina.  This is basically Dean Winters type of pussy that he liked to fuck behind his real girl friend’s back.
So once upon of a night in Manhattan, Dean Winters and I were hanging out and he would just basically roll out of bed, after he put his real girlfriend to sleep and throw on a leather jacket, tank top, sneakers and sweats or some of those nylon workout gear.
yes, it was the middle of Winter but a lot of people don’t find NY to be that cold because you don’t have the wind chill of Chicago and snow in NYC really isn’t as cold as people may think.  Every Winter that I spent in NY, I just threw on a Yankees Jackets and I am find and you would be amazed at how many white chicks and Puerto Rican Chicks in NY, simply wore micro-mini skirts and furry looking boots in the middle of Winter.
The Jamaican girl didn’t know who Dean Winters was but she did take notice that he never appeared to have under wear on and wore those thin Nylon workout pants.
One night, this girl came strolling up and it was a girl that I knew from L.A.  So, Dean Winters was texting on his phone in the rest room (which wasn’t open to the public but being that I was dating the front area girl, she was making an exception for me & Dean) and I saw her before he did and went out to talk to her before I knew she was there for Dean Winters.
I first met this girl, in Lajolla when Dr. Paul Nassif, a famous nose doctor from Beverly Hills, was also down in Lajolla with this bimbo that was working in his Beverly Hills Office.  Paul Nassif, a man of Lebanese origins and from what he told me in 2006, his family was from New Mexico was in a bind because he was with this bimbo from his office, who had a home in Lajolla (Northern San Diego County) which she got from her divorce but he wanted to fuck this girl and needed to use my room right quick.  I was like “ok dude but make it quick.”
So, this was in 2006 and this girl had to be about 19 years old. 
Then I saw this same chick again (the same girl that Dean Winters was waiting for that winter night in lower Manhattan)-later in the year 2006 & this was around the time that Warner Bros had the Warner Independent Dept and was working with Heath Ledger on The Dark Knight.
Now the head of Warner Independent was a known mule for the Hollywood Illuminati and as big of a coke head as you will ever see around Hollywood, which made him prime real estate for Warner Bros, which is why was even in charge of The Dark Knight and Heath Ledger (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005132/) to begin with, because he really was a no talent and irresponsible character.  I mean, this guy was a total mess and this is who Warner Bros had handed Ledger over to for this film project.
Now this fly-by-night pseudo executive from Warner Bros, that was doing The Dark Knight, was on my radar on two fronts.  I knew he was constantly high at the studio and I also knew him from a Parisian Jewish Guy that runs (yes he still runs these businesses) around L.A. that includes but not limited to the manufacturing of legal narcotics, fraud mortgage companies and he even has a luxury car dealership that some how creates & sells counterfeit BMW’s.
Now this Persian Guy also runs a customized leather accessory shop and Lenny Kravitz is one of his top clients, so he is well connected.
One night, at his exclusive home in Hollywood Hills located in an exclusive area that is dominated by a Jewish Demographic, he invited me to a card game.
Actor Heath Ledger was also at this card game and so was this Illuminati Escort that I had met earlier that year in Lajolla, when Dr. Nassif wanted to fuck her in my hotel room.
This girl was going on and on about how she had a lesbian ritual with George Clooney & 4 other girls (something that Clooney is known for) and telling me how Dr.Nassif gave her a free $12,000 nose job for fucking him and we were just catching up on her life as a Hollywood Slut.
Once I saw this girl being pushed on Heath Ledger and being that I also knew that Heath Ledger was now trapped into a contract with Warner Bros, I pretty much knew that they were trying to force him into the Hollywood Illuminati.
By the time that this card game rolled around, actor Heath Ledger (a very quiet and strong type of guy) was already hooked on cocaine because it was being pushed on him by Warner Bros Studios and my Persian Friend was making this call girl climb all over him and push these Xtasy pills on him.  So, the Hollywood Illuminati were already working on “owning” Heath Ledger’s mind, body and soul.  This is what they want from you as a famous actor.  They want to own you. They want to own your soul.
This was the last time that I saw actor Heath Ledger alive and he was even trying to ask me about the meaning of rituals which go on at the Warner Bros Studio Lot. 
Of course I couldn’t answer him because my Persian Jewish Buddy, pretty much owned the Beverly Hills PD and he was known for snuffin people out.
What I mean by own, is that if a Beverly Hills Cop makes 55k per year, the Persian guy would pay the officer an additional 100k per year and I am sure you can imagine on the strings that come along with this money.
So, this is why the LA County Sheriff, LAPD and Beverly Hills PD Officers are known for making 200k or 300 k per year, as an audit done by LA County released about LA County Deputies, revealed last year.
Alan Horne was the head of Warner Bros when these drug induced Satanic Sex Rituals were going on, at a pretty consistent rate. 
Under Alan Horne, at Warner Bros, every actor was educated in the Illuminati Religion or you didn’t get famous, you were killed or you simply never worked.
Actor George Clooney was so stressed out by Alan Horne at Warner Bros that he simply left the studio and moved all the way to the other side of town around this time.  When Heath Ledger was dealing with Warner Bros, this was a strange and crazy time in the Hollywood Illuminati because no one was getting along, people wanted to back out of their hidden Lucifer contracts and there was just too much of drug use going on.
Heath Ledger said that Alan Horne, the then head of Warner Bros (at that time) and the head of the newly but now dissolved Warner Independent were pressuring him into Lucifer Rituals that included orgies, male on male or males on a single female sex, drinking of blood, human sacrifice and doing incantations to Satan. 
He (Ledger) was resistant and refusing to do these things and that’s really when his downward spiral started in Hollywood aided by his ex-wife Michelle Williams, who is Illuminati.  Any one with common sense can see that one just doesn’t go from being a rising star with critical acclaim to ending up dead. Usually there are public events where one can point to the actor kinda going on a decline or acting neurotic before ending up dead. 
  • No one dies from a massage session in Hollywood? Only a set-up by the Illuminati can cause and get away with such a thing.
Elvis Presley was already over the hill and slurring when he died and Marilyn Monroe was caught up on the CIA Hit List behind her affair with JFK. But when you are a bright star, like John Lennon, and you just end up dead, then that means there is someone in your life that is planted there by the Illuminati to set you up.
(Back to New York)
So a couple of years pass by and Dean Winters and I are in NY and this Illuminati Escort Girl was his date for the night and what happened was that she was standing outside near Ave of the Americas in lower Manhattan and talking on her phone and when Dean Winters went to get her, she accidentally called him Heath Ledger.
Dean Winters got mad and this girl opened her purse and pulled out a bunch of pills. She had ambien, cocaine, xenac, extasy, vicodine and GHB.
Dean takes the pills and signals for me to go back into the restroom with him and he was asking me if I wanted any of the pills, I declined because I said that this girl is a well-connected Illuminati Whore from Hollywood and I told him about all of the guys that she fucked back in L.A.
I even told him that those pills were coming from a Persian Mafia Dude in Beverly Hills and that this guy runs counterfeit narcotic operations out of Florida State, so that the pills may not be safe or do what they are supposed to do.
Anyway this girl got freaked out and was making calls because she didn’t know what I was telling Dean about her and she disappeared.  From what I understand she was working as a call girl (but that was just her cover to trap guys and get black mail info for the Hollywood Illuminati) and went over to supposedly give Heath Ledger a “massage” which is L.A. and NY Code Word for “prostitution” and he ended up dead a couple of hours later.
The Hollywood Illuminati sent this girl all the way from L.A., to seduce Heath Ledger and give him pills that contained a toxic poison. 
The girl that the media is saying was the massage girl that night with Ledger isn’t the original girl that was with him in his apartment and take note that any other massage girl, in a high profile celebrity death, would’ve been all over the media, tabloid tv circuits and writing books but this “massage girl” is no where to be found and she wasn’t even hounded by the media?
The Illuminati doesn’t want the public to start investigating on who actually murdered Heath Ledger, so Ledger’s death was kept very  low key, even in this 24/7 tabloid TMZ.Com obsessed world of constant streams of information.
These Illuminati Call Girls are protected and they always live to kill another day.  This is why these guys in Hollywood need to be careful on who they stick their cocks in because it may be an Illuminati Black Widow.
Nicolas Duplessis

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