Diapers for the Ordinary Flu, Too

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News Story Source: https://www.ericpetersautos.com, By eric
Diapers in perpetuity.

You can't logically argue against it if you've already accepted the logic of Diapering everyone as a palliative measure against the WuFlu. Which is based on the assertion that anyone might be sick; that anyone could get sick. That someone might die if they get sick.

It's all perfectly true.

And not just for the WuFlu. Anyone might get one of the many other varieties of flu; the common cold, too.

Someone might even die.

That almost no one who isn't already bumping elbows with death (i.e., the very elderly and the very sick) will actually die – per the "science" – is politically irrelevant.

This business was never about sickness. If it were, the Diapers would have come off months ago, when the "science" knew that the WuFlu had an Infection Fatality Rate (which means, the number of people with serious symptoms who actually end up dead) about the same or even less than the usual flus.

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