DHS/TSA are installing microphones and cameras to spy on public transit commuters

Thanks, to DHS & TSA grants totaling nearly $3 million, the NJ Transit has nearly finished installing DriveCam LTYX’s cameras with microphones to spy on every commuter 24/7. (Note: NJ’s Transit has been using DriveCam surveillance cameras since 2006.)

NJ Transit officials say spying on commuters conversations is “necessary to fight crime and maintain security!” NJ Transit spokesman Jim Smith said, “the on-board surveillance systems are also a deterrent for crime and unruly behavior.”

Cameras with microphones aren’t the only thing police use to spy on us, “smart” LED lights installed at numerous airports are illegally recording everyone’s conversations.

There is now justification whatsoever, for letting police spy on everyone’s conversations.

Cameras with microphones have been installed on River Line trains, which cost $750,000 and the $1.9 million expense to install them on Hudson -Bergen and Newark light rail trains will be covered by a DHS grant, said Jennifer Nelson, an NJ Transit spokeswoman. According to Neffenger TSA security grants, have totaled over $2.3 billion since 2006. The NJ Transit has been receiving DHS grants since at least 2004, for more information go to NJ Transit’s homepage and type in “Homeland Security grants”.

“In 2011, the [NJ Transit] Board authorized a $2.7 million contract with DriveCam, Inc. of San Diego, California, for installation of hardware on 968 cruiser buses and a two-year agreement for managed services, including technical support.”

Fyi, the TSA is working with DHS to install these invasive spying cameras everywhere under the guise of “public safety”‘

TSA administrator Peter Neffenger, admits they couldn’t spy on every commuter without local governments voluntarily installing these surveillance systems.


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