DeWine says 60% of nursing home workers not electing to get vaccine

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News Story Source:, Rick Rouan
DeWine said during his final scheduled briefing of 2020 that he wanted to instill a "sense of urgency" among those who are eligible for the vaccine as he also announced new guidance for quarantining students exposed to the virus in classrooms and extending a statewide curfew order until Jan. 23.

"While we can't control how much comes in every week, we certainly can control how fast that we get it out," he said. "That is incumbent upon all of us Ohioans to make sure it gets out as fast as we can get it out. It is a lifesaver."

Though the state has vaccinated 94,078 people already, an Ohio Department of Health spokeswoman said it expected to receive 529,900 doses by the end of the year. DeWine said on Wednesday that another 69,500 doses of the Moderna vaccine were expected next week, along with 70,200 initial doses of the two-shot protocol from Pfizer. An additional 98,475 second doses from Pfizer also are on the way.

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