Devolving America Into Disparate, Un-American Immigrants

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
Part 2: Disintegrating America with endless foreign immigration

As you look around America's major cities, you notice foreign flags, strange languages and foreign dress that counters everything "American".

A conversation with California writer Brenda Walker gives you an idea of how fast our country devolves into a polyglot of cultures, foreign languages and strange customs.

Walker said, "As the American population grows to have an ever larger proportion of foreign-born, assimilation becomes more important to maintain a cohesive society, yet more difficult to achieve. Like newbies in previous generations, immigrants often move straight into an ethnic neighborhood populated by their countrymen. It's just easier to live among fellow foreigners who speak your language, share your values, and understand your jokes. But it prevents assimilation because new residents are unlikely to acculturate if there are no models of American values to follow.

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