Devastating Reality About Kill Shots

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Devastating Reality About Kill Shots

by Stephen Lendman

Based on indisputable facts, flu/covid kill shots destroy health and shorten lifespans.

Confirming evidence keeps mounting.

On June 25, researcher Steve Kirsch reported the following devastating survey findings: 

They show "a 6.6% rate of heart injury" — the equivalent of 10 million Americans.

Following kill shots, 2.7% of respondents said they're "unable to work.

Another 6.3% required hospitalization — not from flu/covid jabs, from one or more kill shots they were mind-manipulated to believe would protect them.

They, all others throughout the US/West and elsewhere were systematically lied to and betrayed by their ruling regimes, Pharma profiteers and their paid-to-lie and mass-deceive MSM press agents.

Jabbed individuals are hugely more likely contract flu/covid, along with any one or more major illnesses, notably ones with a high m
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