Detroit mother thrown in jail for refusing to vaccinate son while court orders father …

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(Natural News) A Detroit area mother was thrown in jail for refusing to vaccinate her nine-year-old son.

Rebecca Bredow and her ex-husband Jason Horne, the boy's father, had originally agreed to space out the child's immunizations in a divorce agreement instead of sticking to the traditional schedule, but after researching the issue further, she decided it was unsafe for him to receive the shots. Although she is the boy's primary caregiver, Horne decided that he wanted the boy to be vaccinated and asked the court to intervene.

Bredow followed all of Michigan's laws about vaccine waivers, but in an October 4 hearing, she was sentenced to seven days in jail for contempt of court after refusing to comply with a series of court orders dating back to last November stating that she would get her son vaccinated. She was released on Monday after serving five days of the sentence.

Her ex-husband was awarded temporary custody to bring the child in for his vaccines while
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