Debunk: End times prophecy of increasing earthquakes

According to the nut jobs who claim there is significant evidence for the end times being now there has been an increase in the number of major earthquakes. Dr. David R. Reagan claims there is a greater instability in nature; the end times online selectively pulls the frequency of earthquakes for a high activity period leaving out key data; and the prophecy fellowship makes a list of earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 as if by just listing them it makes them more important than the actual data.Unlike most of those sites who create their own graphs and data, here is an actual graph and link to data on global earthquakes:

You’ll see from the graph that we’ve definitely been in an active period but the overall trend in the amount of energy released from earthquakes has been decreasing since 1900. When you look at the numbers of global and US earthquakes you will see there are half as many quakes overall as well as in the 7.0 and above range, here is the link to the data:

So our first debunk piece of the year to try to counterbalance the nut jobs who are claiming it’s all over in 2012 because of all of the overwhelming evidence of the end times.

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