Debt Doesn't Matter? Think Again

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"Debt doesn't matter."

I know… It sounds ridiculous.

After all, we all know people who racked up too much credit card debt… or someone who took out a bigger mortgage than they could afford… or someone who borrowed too much money to go to college and ended up regretting it dearly.

But many so-called experts are peddling this idea that the national debt doesn't matter.

That's right. Many people honestly don't think it's a problem that the U.S. is now $22 trillion in debt. That's $67,018 for every U.S. citizen… and $179,907 for every U.S. taxpayer.

• Just look at this headline that CNN published last month…

You can read the entire article here if you want. But I'll save you the agony.

In short, the author argues that the national debt doesn't matter because the U.S. government can just print more money.

Of course, longtime readers know that this is a recipe for disaster. Mone
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